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NixOS: Setting up Push To Talk in Mumble on Sway

Switching to Wayland has it’s side-effects, one of which is the improved security from X11 where applications can’t just randomly spy on each other at any point. This is both good news and bad news. The good news: Applications can’t just randomly spy on each other. The bad news: Things like global hot-keys in for example Mumble won’t work. Back from complaining to actually solving the problem though. Mumble does have a patch for a future release So there’s the issue about Push to talk does not work in Wayland, this has been followed up by a patch Add DBus calls to de/-activate push to talk.

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Detailed setup of screen sharing in Wayland (Sway)

Getting screen sharing to work on Wayland seems to be surprisingly hard. Maybe it is compared to X11 that doesn’t require any additional setup at all. To have working screen sharing on Sway you really need three components installed and set up with correct environment variables. These three components are: pipewire (I have version: 0.3.21) xdg-desktop-portal (I have version: 1.8.0) xdg-desktop-portal-wlr (I have version: 0.1.0) These three components has to have systemd user services.

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Switching to Wayland (Sway)

Like every other desktop Linux user for the past many years I’ve used X11. I was on i3wm for quite some time until I was introduced to Emacs X11 Window Manager which I used exclusively for about 18 months, I’ve even held a talk about it. But at some point it got too annoying, for example in multi monitor use cases. At this point my first step was to go back to set up i3wm again.

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