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My name is Elis (SA0̸BSE) and I currently live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.





I mostly do PHP and other Web-things for living. I have been working at Tailor Store, South Pole, Webhallen a few other places. I like to play around with new web-technology like canvas, HTML5, and other things in the same spectrum. I also maintain servers, networks, loadbalancing, databases and other services you need for a website to work.



I have a presence on places like IRC, GitHub, LinkedIn and other places.

If you would be interested in my current and previous work, please visit the ./work/ page.


Preferably via Email, IRC <etu@(freenode|oftc|efnet)>, GitHub or LinkedIn.

My GPG fingerprint is

67FE 98F2 8C44 CF22 1828  E12F D57E FA62 5C9A 925F
and you can download the key here or from various keyservers.