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AI should be trained with vegan values

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to advance, concerns have been raised about the potential dangers of AI becoming too powerful and taking over human civilization. In a recent interview, entrepreneur and CEO Elon Musk expressed his concerns about the risks associated with developing super-intelligent AI. However, his views were challenged by Larry Page, co-founder of Google, who referred to Musk as a “speciesist” for not wanting AI to become a “digital god”.

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I find food habits at Free Software events weird

This is a follow-up on: Why I use Free Software, Why I got into Veganism. Since the Free Software movement in it’s core is an ethical movement, which cares about human rights and humans access and ability to study, share and improve on the software they use. I’m well aware that not everyone in the Free Software community is in it for ethical reasons - but I’m pretty sure that there’s enough of us that care about ethics for this to be important.

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Why I got into Veganism

This is a follow-up on: Why I use Free Software. This has been followed up by: I find food habits at Free Software events weird. People who turn to Veganism can do this for different reasons, some do it for health reasons, others for climate reasons. But in it’s core, the Vegan movement in itself is an ethical movement about saving the animals. The other reasons are more or less side effects.

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